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Oct. 23rd, 2013

Take a wipe.

Take a wipe.

No, seriously, this is my crit post. IP logging off, screening on.

Oct. 26th, 2009


-2nd Case- [Voice]

Great. [Frustrated sigh.] Just great.

First, they force me here, and now they expect me to celebrate Halloween? Without my daughter? I mean, she's eighteen now, but still! We'd have at least done something. Scary movies or just some baking before she went off to some party with her theater friends. Seriously? The last thing I want to do is celebrate Halloween, something that's supposed to be fun, with a bunch of people I've never met. No offense or anything, just...really. How can you all get so excited about this?

Oh. And I'm keeping the candy for myself. Unless you want some, Mr. Monk, but they're not exactly square. And they're chocolate, and I know you don't like milk, but hey. Just putting the offer out there.

Oct. 23rd, 2009


-1st Case- [Voice/Action in the Kint Household]

[The first thing Natalie does? She picks up the phone, because she's going to try and sneak out before calling 9-1-1. She doesn't know she's being heard by everyone.]

Oh, god, what did I do?

[Waking up to a strange man is not the ideal way for Natalie Teeger to start her morning. In fact, she's more used to waking up alone. And in her house, too. You know. Waking up normally. She's going to try and leave the bedroom as quietly as she can before exploring the rest of the house.]

This isn't my house. This isn't even--who are these people? [She notices the photos. None of them have Julie in them.] Julie? What kind of sick joke is this? Julie? Where are you? Please tell me I fell asleep at some guy's house. ...Some guy who photoshopped me into his wedding pictures. Great. I'd be flattered if it wasn't so...creepy and disgusting.